How to Make a Difference...Now. *Urgent Need!!!*

Often, when we hear about some of the atrocious things going on in our world, its difficult to know what we can do to make an immediate difference. 

Today, I want to present an opportunity to do just that. Get involved now!!! A well recognized mission agency, AIM (adventures in missions) has been investigating foul play and trafficking in the Son Of God orphanage located in Haiti, where many AIM affiliates and staff have worked. AIM staff have been investigating for the past year, and have now gathered the facts they need to go to the media and try to expose this horrible injustice.

Quotes from the blog of Seth Barnes Jr., an AIM staff who worked in this orphanage last summer:

The situation at the orphanage is an EMERGENCY right now as kids are sick and dying and still disappearing. We're trying to mobilize any connections in politics and media to expose the corruption and put an end to it. The lead investigator, said we "hit the jackpot of corruption."
What we've discovered:
• Food gets donated to SOG orphanage, but disappears very quickly, while children remain malnourished.
• Reports by the children of physical abuse by orphanage workers.
• Reports by the children of sexual abuse by orphanage workers.• Clothing when donated, instead of going to orphans, gets sold.
• Dozens of children have disappeared.

Another report about Katia illustrates the urgency we feel:
One five year-old girl, Katia was in the worst condition I have seen of any of the kids. A couple of months ago she had mumps from head to toe; a month later she was in a body cast that covered her from her waist to her feet. When he found her on Saturday she had an extremely high fever and like all of the other children - horrible skin conditions. She was lying on a bench and someone moved a bench towards her but she didn't have the energy to move out of the way. She has lost most of her weight and she couldn't even lift her head. After pleading with the "caretakers" of the orphanage, they released her to let us take her to a local medical clinic.

The doctor at the clinic examined her and determined that the infections are destroying her; she is nearing death. She only weighed 14 pounds. He told us that if she doesn't get proper care right away she will die of infections and malnutrition. He gave us a prescription and orders to give her a high protein drink and medicine three times a day for the next two weeks.

Recent reports indicate Katia now weighs a mere 11 pounds.

To read the rest of the blog, go here:

How you can help:
-Sign this petition to get CNN to cover the story! The more light we can bring to this situation the better!

-Use twitter (#cnnfreedom, #endslavery, #not_for_sale) facebook, or any other social media to share this story and this petition!


-Stay updated!! In a short amount of time, many steps have already been taken towards bringing light to this situation. Praise the Lord!