Be a Whistleblower for Peace

There are so many things I know so little about. I could spend endless amounts of time researching and learning, and I still wouldn't know about all the injustices that plague our world. However, my friend from Indiana brought this one to my attention- and it was something that I had absolutely NO knowledge about...and I have a feeling that I am not alone in that. 

"When Sean D. Carasso, the founder of Falling Whistles, traveled around Africa, he saw progress and change happening everywhere. That is, until he reached the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where young boys were, and still are, being captured by the rebel army and forced to become child soldiers. Boys not big enough to hold guns are given whistles and put on the front lines.Their sole duty is to make noise to scare the enemy and then to receive–with their bodies–the first round of bullets. 
...Lines of boys fell as nothing more than a temporary barricade." --> I was unable to embed the video, but please visit this link and watch- its only a couple minutes long, and it says more than my words ever could.
Watch these as well- the second one tells the story of a boy who escaped from the Congo and is now speaking up to make a difference for this cause:

What You Can Do (from the website):
  1. Learn about Congo. To change the world we’re going to have to outsmart it. These wars are complicated, but we’ll help point you in the right direction.
  2. Buy a Whistle. Wear Your Protest. Use it as a tool to elevate common conversation.
  3. Speak Out. Tell the next person you see about Congo. Then connect with us and share on your: Falling Whistles TwitterFalling Whistles FacebookFalling Whistles MyspaceFalling Whistles YoutubeFalling Whistles Vimeo
  4. Meet Yves. Invite him to your school, church, synagogue, town hall, conference, etc. He is sharing his story and pushing for peace in the Congo. Contact for info.
  5. Congregate your community around solutions. Think for yourself. Live for others. Don’t go alone. Contact for info.
  6. Donate. The reality is that ending the war is going to require money. A lot of it. We will invest your donation in tools for whistleblowers, and in Congolese visionaries working to rehabilitate their communities and end this war.


Shawnté said...

I am so glad you posted this! FW's along with Invisible Children have captured my heart. Yves and I became great friends last year. Remind me to shares some stories with you.