The Journey Ends Here... (but every end has a new beginning)

I have loved this blog. I have loved writing this blog. I have loved the discussions I have gotten to have with people because of this blog.

But mostly I have loved this blog because it is what I am passionate about. I don't struggle to find things to write about. I simply share whatever is on my heart. It's actually quite easy. :)

Sadly, this is my last blog post for Dare to Love.

But I am not done writing. 

God is taking me on a new adventure. A crazy, radical, scary, exciting, humbling, beautiful journey with Him. A journey that is so amazing I hardly feel worthy of it. But He has chosen me...He has called me... and He is irresistible. When I began writing this blog and tried to convey the heart and purpose and meaning behind the title Dare to Love...this was because this is my heart, this is what I am striving for... this is the journey I am on. 

I didn't realize how radically this would play out in my own life. But God has called me to go to the nations, and who am I to ignore Him?

So here is my official announcement:

This July, I will be leaving for an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries with an organization called AIM (adventures in missions). My team and I will partner with different churches and ministries in local communities to do things such as preach the Gospel, feed the hungry, lead camps, teach English classes, live with the gypsies, plant churches, work in orphanages, minister to women and children trapped in prostitution as a result of trafficking, and bring a message of love and hope to people from tribes and nations around the world. 

This being said, Dare to Love is not over, but I will be at a new site:

When I started writing this blog, I had no idea how seriously I would be challenged to live up to the dare I talk about in this blog. It's more than I could have ever dreamed up for myself :) 

Please follow me on this adventure. I have started writing on this new blog, and will continue writing now and throughout my year around the world. Basically, I will just be continuing to share my heart, as well as sharing about all the different things I encounter and experience while I am gone and as I am preparing to go.

It would mean the world to me if you would follow me at this new site! 

I love you all.